In today’s volatile markets, underpinned by the complex dynamics in customer needs and the ever increasing competitive forces, it becomes apparent that innovation and continuous improvement are no doubt the pillars of survival for any organisation. ISB Consulting delivers best practice and niche services that have been proven the world over to deliver superior results through the ISB Corporate Performance and Transformation © Framework (ISB CP&I© Framework).

The ISB CP&T© Framework is based on capabilities that drive the bottom line existence of any organisation, Delivery of Shareholder and Delivery Customer Value. The framework is built on the promise for Excellency in Corporate Performance through Innovation and Continuous Improvement.

We help our clients deliver value across the ISB Value Channels, namely, Corporate Strategy, Operations and Value Delivery using a wide array of best practice continuous improvement methodologies. We aid our clients develop their Ingenious and Innovative Product and Service Designs, Strategy Implementation and Operations Improvement through the ISB CP&T© Framework.

Corporate Strategy

The ISB CP&T© Framework employees the ISB Services in varying level of detail combined with other Strategy development tools and techniques such as the Balanced Scorecard to ensure strategy is clearly articulated with well-defined goals, roadmap to realization and implementation, business impacts and measurement metrics.

Operations Strategy

Process Efficiency is our passion, Quality our obsession, Value our driver, and Cost Reduction our expertise. The ISB CP&T© Framework focuses on People, Processes and Technologies that encompass organisational design, deliver products and services that ensure growth and survival in today’s global competition.

Organisations today are faced with many challenges ranging from complex operating environments, increasing competition, and volatile world economies. Today’s Customer calls not only for the traditional “Customer Satisfaction” but challenge the innovative capacity of organisations to go beyond the expected and yet guarantee the value that the customer gets.

ISB Consulting combines best practice service offerings to design tailor made solutions with and for our clients to guarantee high performance and innovation. The Operation section of the ISB CP&T© Framework is underpinned by the classic three categories of People, Process and Technology.

Value Delivery

The ISB CP&T© Framework places emphasis on delivery of value to both the shareholders and customers. Shareholder value is driven through strategy excellence, prudent management of resources while customer value is delivered through efficient People, Processes and Technologies.