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Vacancy: BPM Officer

The above-mentioned vacancy exists at Larimar HO – BPM Department and will be reporting to the BPM Manager, Coordinator. Applications are invited from suitably qualified and experienced candidates to fill the position. JOB REQUIREMENTS Minimum relevant Tertiary diploma / degree with English as first language or equivalent academic qualification Qualification in languages and business management, […]

ISB Consulting Launches AGILE and Scrum Professional

ISB Consulting is proud to announce the launch of AGILE and Scrum training programs at the end of March 2016 to complement the current specialist capabilities in our portfolio of high quality professional training programs. In line with our commitment to offer affordable, cost effective, high quality and best fit professional education, we have partnered […]

Customer Needs, a Driver for Turnaround and Continuous Improvement…Or Is It?

As a novice, in one of my early projects, tasked with improving process performance and quality of output for our customers, I set out from the onset on gathering customer needs for the process. Seemed perfectly logical that we needed to know what the customers needed and improve our process to give them exactly that. […]

ISB Consulting gets Service Seta Accreditation

It is our pleasure that we announce that ISB Consulting has been granted recognition as a provider of education and training by the Services Seta. This is testimony to our commitment to quality and excellence in providing our clients with best fit Training and Skills Development Services in specialist capabilities in our portfolio.

Transformation, a journey, not an end in itself…

I have watched large organisations embark on large transformational programs, with a multitude of expert consulting houses, and many a promise of better customer experience, increased revenues, better cost control, increased profits, efficiency, effectiveness and other benefits known to come with good process management. Credit goes to the SAP suite of Products, Oracle suite of […]

BPM, the common misconceptions

Business Process Management (BPM) has come up as an evolution of many tried and tested improvement methodologies, from Deming’s SPC, Goldrat’s TOC, Hammer’s BPR, Toyota Production System (TPS), Wolmack and Jones with Lean,  Motorola’s Six Sigma to today’s IT and technology hinged process improvement. With all these still very much in play, one is surely […]

Can lean kill innovation

Lean, Six Sigma, ISO, TQM, are all good things. You can’t throw a cat without hitting a lean consultant or find thousands of articles about how continuous improvement is the only way to be the low cost producer, guarantee month to month margin improvements, etc. As I write this, there are thousands of manufacturing vice […]

Why Continuous Improvement May Need To Be Discontinued

Is it possible to suggest that Six Sigma, Kaizen, Lean, and other variations on continuous improvement can be hazardous to your organization’s health? While it may be heresy to say this, recent evidence from Japan and elsewhere suggests that it’s time to question these methods. Admittedly, continuous improvement once powered Japan’s economy. Japanese manufacturers in […]